Methods for removing scratches from glass

There are many practices to remove the scratches from the glass of your property, here are some practical tips...

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The scratches or scratches are serious, because the glass is an important part of our homes and furniture, precisely because through the windows we can admire the scenery outside the home, plus there are furniture with glass parts that are especially elegant and take advantage of the available spaces very well.

The scratches on the glass make you lose visibility, especially when these are pronounced and deep, this has made people look for ways to reduce their noticeability, so today we will show you four methods to remove scratches on glass.

Apply baking soda

Sodium bicarbonate is a quite useful component for various purposes, it is the main ingredient in drugs against indigestion, as well as in home remedies for inflammation. What few people know is that this chemical compound has the property of reducing the size of scratches on glass.


baking soda for cleaning windows

To remove scratches with baking soda you must mix a little of it with water to form a paste which is then spread evenly on the affected area and left to act for thirty minutes, after which, the scratch should cease to be so noticeable.

Use of metal polishing

The cream used to refine the surface of metals is not only used to polish this type of material, but it can also be used to reduce scratches on glass by applying it to the affected area and then using polishing tools that do not use a motor. This way, scratches can be made to disappear without the variation in the thickness of the glass being noticeable.

Polishing scratched glass allows you to make existing scratches less visible, especially those that have a depth that baking soda cannot easily cover. We guarantee you won’t regret it!


Polishing with toothpaste


Toothpaste, although one would not like to believe it, is made of certain minerals and sediments that are well pulverized and are agglomerated by means of water, thus, at the time of brushing the teeth, the tartar and dirt left after eating are easily removed.


Now, toothpaste can be used to clean glass, and it is particularly useful to cover scratches, because when mixed with a little water, the minerals in the toothpaste solidify, leaving the scratches unnoticeable.


Hiring a professional


professional window cleaning building


In addition to all of the above methods, it is possible to seek professional glass polishing help in order to avoid making a mistake in any of the above methods, because truth be told, for many it would be terrible to ruin a window, table or any decoration of this material by trying to get rid of a scratch.

All in all, removing scratches from glass is a matter of ingenuity and understanding how they are actually generated, as well as determining what type of product is the most appropriate according to these characteristics. All methods, including the help of a professional, are effective!


Professional window cleaning is not only for commercial buildings.

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