About us

Sapphire Window Cleaning, is a business established in Florida which specializes in luxury residential and commercial high rise rope access window cleaning among other services to assist on the maintenance of each property. Sapphire Window Cleaning maintains a meticulously process of labor, leading our company to be recognized as one of the most efficient, professional, and reliable in the industry.

At Sapphire Window Cleaning, we are passionate about being the best at what we do. That passion has made us the industry leader in Rope Access Window Cleaning in the state of Florida. We aim high to deliver exceptional customer service and programs that make a difference, every day, for our clients, employees and communities we serve.

Mission Statement

To provide superior quality residential and commercial high rise window cleaning service among other services. Educated to execute by rigorous safety procedures, knowledge-based maintenance, performance-based maintenance and smart maintenance while emphasizing in outstanding customer service achieving the highest level of satisfaction in the industry.

Vision Statement

Operating ethically and respectfully Nationwide and Worldwide. Leading by example in our industry and our society. Making our clients and employees proud to be part of Sapphire Window Cleaning.