How to keep birds away from commercial buildings?

On a commercial property, confirmation of a bird infestation is recommended so that specialists can take action.

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Birds in general are graceful creatures and essential to our ecosystem, however, if too many of them accumulate they can become a real pest, especially in commercial buildings, as their nests and droppings can cause several damages.


What species of birds are considered pests?

Because they reproduce quickly, pigeons, thrushes, starlings, crows and gulls are considered a pest, since they can have numerous external parasites, such as mites, fleas and lice, and their droppings contain a large number of bacteria that can be very dangerous, such as salmonella.


The most common damages caused by birds are


  • Breakage in the roof tiles due to uric acid, the weight of the animals and the excrement.
  • Remains of feathers and nesting materials, which can affect not only roofs, but also air conditioning systems and various types of machinery.
  • The bad odor produced by bird waste is quite unpleasant.
  • Stains on facades and gutters.
  • Obstruction of gutters by the remains of nests and abandoned nests.
  • The noise that some of them produce, since not all of them have the cooing sounds of pigeons.


bird nests in building

Practical and humane solutions to avoid a bird infestation.


Birds control some types of insects, so they should not be extinguished because it would damage the ecosystem, so one of the most important issues will be to prevent them from nesting on roofs.

For this purpose, all spaces that may seem suitable for sheltering can be covered, particularly those that are far away from where people pass by.

In the spaces where birds would nest, nets can be used to prevent access, these are inexpensive, strong and light, with openings of ¾ inch, or even smaller, otherwise small birds such as sparrows will enter them.

It is very important to identify the type of birds that are causing inconveniences, if at the time of the inspection they are not there the technician will be able to identify them, according to the type of nests, and excrement, you can know exactly what type of birds they are, in this way you will be able to use the appropriate measures to prevent them from being on your commercial premises.

You can also use balloons to scare birds, they are very effective because they move with the wind and scare the birds. It will be necessary to change their sides, since the birds end up getting used to their presence.

It will also be necessary to put small internal nets at the entrance of the air conditioning ducts, since some birds manage to have their nests in them, which is really annoying.

Currently, light and sound devices are being tested that operate below human audio and are activated as soon as a bird touches the ceiling, scaring it away without disturbing the people in the area.


pigeons get entangled in netting


These methods are painless for the animals, and do not harm or contaminate them, so they are the best way to prevent birds from nesting on the roof of the building, warehouse or commercial premises, without affecting them.

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