How to prevent glass corrosion in commercial buildings?

The corroded glass of the windows of your commercial building loses transparency and its resistance is reduced.

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Corrosion of glass is the reaction of the glass contents with water or chemicals and the formation of residue in the form of stains on its surface.

Glass is much more resistant to corrosion than most materials, to the point that it is easy to think of it as corrosion-proof. Glass windows, after several years of exposure to the elements, remain clear and seemingly unchanged.

But, despite these indications that glass is indestructible to chemical attack, under certain conditions it corrodes, even dissolves. In these cases, it is important to choose the right window cleaning service, as this regular maintenance will extend the life of the windows and significantly improve how the people who work there feel.

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Causes of glass corrosion
  • Glass surfaces exposed to water or chemicals over an extended period result in severe chemical reactions. For example, water on the surface of the glass reacts with the soda-silica combinations in the glass. The interaction is subtle and slow, but the result appears in the form of corrosion or staining.

  • The phenomenon of glass corrosion is a combination of reactions. In the first stage of the reaction, a diffusion-controlled ion exchange process takes place. Here, the sodium ion in the glass reacts with the hydrogen ions in the water. In the process, the water leaches the sodium ion from the water. The reaction increases the pH of the glass surface due to the accumulation of hydroxide ions.

  • The term weathering refers to various corrosion phenomena resulting from water-induced deterioration of glass. The rate and nature of deterioration depends on the glass environment (temperature, contaminants, and humidity levels), as well as the composition of the glass and its manufacturing process.

  • Allowing too much time to pass without regular maintenance of the glass, external factors such as the weather significantly damage the surface.

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Prevention of glass corrosión


  • Corrosion on glass can be prevented if the surface is properly cleaned and dried. In addition, avoiding a corrosive environment helps prevent damage to the glass surface.

  • Avoid improper cleaning procedures and chemical cleaners. Choose a professional window cleaning provider for commercial buildings, the benefits are greater, if you consider that this work is high risk and to maintain and improve the quality of glass should be handled with the right tools and products to enhance its transparency.

  • Use paper or powder interlayer materials on glass surfaces to prevent abrasion and mechanical damage during transport and handling. The intercalation system also neutralizes phase 1 alkali build-up and pH control, thus preventing glass corrosion.

Window cleaning at height requires strict adherence to safety standards and should not be taken lightly.

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